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Notes on writing

 A wiki is a flexible, powerful and thereby be way too easy use, web-based community platform. A wiki looks at first glance like a normal web page, but with an important difference: each page has for registered users an 'Edit Button' at the left side, so that everyone can expand and improve the content of each wikipage.

Sounds at first very open and dangerous. But that's not it. A Wiki of living and its visitors.

And therefore to all at some point is to talk, it must of course be written here. If any knowledge stores here and there along with other improved and expanded, it is perhaps even THE reference work on the subject, better around the computer and the Spirit of Amiga.

What should I write?

:ap: Since there is enough material and options

  • already extend existing products
  • search and write missing pages in the various overview pages
  • look on the ToDo-List if a topic is for you
  • look to the Wishlist

:ap: and if nothing is here or you mean you don't to know, that is also good !! Because … if YOU do not know and not explained here is, then … yes then is missing something here ;-)

  • add your question to the ToDo List just behind.
  • the same applies to the glossary or keyword page
  • or what should be explained here / changed (criticism and suggestions are welcome)

:ap: still nothing ?

  • if you're good at English: many items are only available in German version and must be supplied be translated (→ read more)

:ap: aber … but I do have it all on 'my home page'!

  • if you also available here ask this knowledge: we would all look. In the first place, an appropriate extract'd be enough :-)


Who the edit in a wiki just want to try out, can the in - do> playground. Goes even without registration ;-) Simply click on the word playground to get there. Then there “Edit page” button on the click. Edit the page and then save the changes with the “Save” button. Have Fun!


One thing I should mention at this point: It is (hopefully) happen again and again to be improved or changed the already written and seemingly finished product. And not always of the same writers. The like some people do not, and write only not! Here I would like to call it their own 'bastard' to overcome, so in terms of getting better becoming side and a growing becoming total wikis and the quality is steadily increasing.
Give you a jerk. In the end, you'll be proud to have worked with in this work.

Anonymous ??

How you would like. For one, you can login with your real name login (the login name is stored in History) and you might as below lineage specify link your website and if desired also your name ;-)

Of course, the author is copyright by the respective author, pictures and trademarks, etc. in the respective owners. Basically, the stored information here to the Creativ Common Lizenz BY-SA match. If someone is going too far, or not far enough, the can for his products labeled accordingly.

Data security

And do not panic from accidental deletion. Everything that was once stored is also there. You can always reset everything back. But … as with any computer word … cache without saving, and long texts, this is then off course. So … saver txt!

Rules specifically for AmigaWiki

How nice it would be if we lived in an ideal world, so that even a private home just might work as a wiki would be. But unfortunately this is not the case. Public Wiki works! This has proved no later than Wikipedia. But if anyone can edit anything that works only above a certain minimum number of users and moderators. Why i need to set a rule for a still small wiki:

Only those who have previously registered as a user is allowed to edit a page.

How it works is simple.:

  • sign up as a New User in amigawiki
    • there are only user name and name and a valid !! email address is required
  • sign in with the login password of the feedback emails
  • Then you can change and edit pages in this wiki.

:!: A little warning to all black sheep out there: I get after each edit an email. And the IP address can be found out. So please behave yourselves!


Last modified: 2018/07/28 21:51